Saturdays Rugby

The six nations is growing rather tense as the penultimate week draws to a close. Ireland, yesterday just missed out on once again dominating the score line and strengthen their dreams of a grand slam, against Wales. The disappointment showed as they trudged back to their dressing rooms, heads hanging low but the news of wale’s win echoed as a cheer round Twickenham as the thin crowd grew in preparation for England’s game against the miserably crumbling Scottish team.

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The rhyme goes England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales but minus the Scott’s here’s the three final teams, enemies and rivals as the last weekend draws closer. Next weekends events will almost certainly be decided by point difference, and as Collin Farrell promised England’s game yesterday did boast an ‘extra spice’ as the nations team battled for as many points as possible. 32 years it’s been since Scotland’s won at Twickenham and it did look like that ongoing losing streak would continue and so it did as the rather confident home side battled for points instead of victory, but the win to was put in the pocket as well as 3 tries and a rather jubilant crowd.

England VS Scotland

Wales in the other hand battled for the win bitterly and both sides charged into battle wanting only one outcome. It came as a surprise that Wales held the upper hand of the match and led from virtually start to finish steering the course of the eventful 80 minutes. At the start they dominated but by 30 minutes things were close. The end was unbearable as in the last ten minutes Ireland had a come back and Wales conceived a try. The playing field evened out but still till the last minute Wales led.
Now all three teams could win and most certainly medal, it’s just the wait now.


What a tournament, what a start to all six countries World Cup campaigns, what a taster of the class of rugby we’ll be treated with in the autumn as we hope, what will be a amazing home World Cup draws even closer. An inspiration for grass root rugby and a few enjoyable weekends this Six Nations has set the scene for a year of great rugby.


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